Our Features

Virtual Shopping

Take the next step in the evolution of e-commerce by building virtual transactions with immersive customer experience.

Virtual Exploration

Enrich your cultural understanding of human history to foster new, diverse communities in a global online space.

Metaverse Literacy

Begin your virtual experience with our resources to accelerate and ease brand expansion into the metaverse.

Virtual Shopping

heymeta! lets business owners set up a virtual reality storefront from scratch, or connect it to their physical storefront. Remote commerce  is no longer limited to looking at pictures of products and reading product information. Virtual shopping allows business owners to immerse their clients in a realistic physical space. This generates a stronger affinity with products and services, using 360° experience to foster stronger relationships with customers. Bring your business to the forefront of technical innovation through intimate and meaningful customer interaction.  

For Virtual Customers and E-Commerce Enthusiasts
Imagine yourself shopping at a virtual fashion boutique. The store is adorned with big arched windows, and located in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. When you step inside the store, you’re greeted by an employee. You proceed to chat with other customers to hear their reviews on the boutique directly from them. You browse through the latest clothing releases, curated to fit you like a glove. After finalizing your purchase, you leave the store wearing your new digital clothes on your avatar. Hours later, back in the real world, you receive a package at the door that contains the same items of clothing that you bought virtually. They fit you just as perfectly.

Constructing Your Very Own Store
Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, heymeta! offers you the opportunity and tools to build and market your own store. Design and customize every inch of the space yourself, or hire a virtual interior designer to assist you. Create a floor plan and curate the space to personify your brand and attract customers. While brick-and-mortar retail is still important, e-commerce is thriving. By building a virtual store first, you can reduce the risk of physical investment, or capitalise on the success you’ve already established, with a new audience. Be part of the wave of innovators for 21st century retail. 

Virtual Reality Shopping

Virtual Exploration

We build virtual spaces that simulate real life so you can explore different parts of the world from the comfort of your own home. Our realistic renditions of landscapes take into account the local climate and timezone to make it seem like you’re at that physical location in real time. Take a stroll down Robson Street to converse with locals or attend an open house event to find your dream home. Immerse yourself in another city’s culture and learn about its history by interacting with historical artifacts and the community there. Unlike videos that only allow the viewer to simply watch, virtual exploration means that the user can freely explore the world on their own terms. No queues, no distractions. If you’re at a gallery, for instance, take as long as you want to look at a masterpiece, without worrying about camera flashes or jostling tourists. Plus, users can get involved with digital art like NFTs. This lets communities discover and support artists whose treasures have yet to reach the spotlight.

Transportable Avatars

Our platform allows users to cross between metaverse platforms using a single virtual identity. Whether your avatar is an uncanny doppelganger you spent hours perfecting, or you want to show off your new heymeta! kicks in a different platform, we power your trans-universe avatar.

Expert Metaverse Onboarding

Entering a brand new virtual dimension can be daunting for some, especially with such nascent technology. We endeavour to simplify the onboarding process and provide our users with strategic and useful knowledge. We want to reduce the barrier of entry for new users by any means possible. If you ever need assistance or have questions, contact us by email using [email protected] or chat with us virtually. Either way, we’re here to convert your tech literacy needs.