Frequently Asked Questions

Not exactly. The metaverse will encompass gaming, but also a whole lot more. We’re focused on experiences that intersect your actions in the digital and physical worlds. For instance, if you place an order for an item at a virtual store, you will receive a delivery of the physical product in real life. 

The key distinguishing factor is the environment you’re in– the virtual world instead of the physical world. The metaverse as yet doesn’t exist outside of a hypothesis. It’s going to take years of collaborative work, investment and infrastructure; we’re one of the businesses contributing to this. One day, with haptics technology, all of your senses will be engaged in an entirely immersive virtual universe. In the meantime, you can meet new people, or connect with friends and family. You can buy and sell just like how you would in a physical store. Most exciting is the possibility of exploring infinite worlds and environments, such as outer space. The metaverse is limitless.

Storeowners can login into an account that we’ve set up for them. From there, our menu items offer an array of choices, such as flooring and paint colours, to customise your storefront. Think Minecraft or The Sims, with an acutely realistic feel. You can also hire a virtual reality interior designer to design the space for you.